Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Repost Explanation

Below, I am going to republish some posts that I wrote between October and December of 2010.  The posts are three in a series on "church and the economy." 

The reason I am reposting this series is that I realized I have been cited in the current print edition of "UU World Magazine," from part 1 of the series, and I want to put all those posts together in one space on the front page of the blog so they are easier to find.

I do plan to continue writing posts to this series.  When I do that, I will change the dates on the posts such that they remain clumped together, in order starting with post 1 and going down through later posts.  I hope that is helpful.

Thanks for reading!  And I hope you'll leave comments.  The underlying goal I have for this blog is to engage in an interesting conversation, which means that my goal is only met when this is a dialogue.

See below...

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