Friday, October 29, 2010

RSS Feed

So if you look to the right, above "followers," there is an RSS icon and a way to put this blog site into your RSS feed if that is your preferred way of keeping up with blogs.  If you are not familiar with what RSS can do for you as a blog reader, check it out:

RSS is called such because it is "really simple syndication."  The implication is that anyone can do it, which makes someone like me -- who has not been able to figure it out easily -- feel really silly having so many questions ;-).  If you have questions, you are not alone. 

Edited to add: Fortunately, my questions have been very kindly answered by the very helpful person running UUpdates, so I have deleted the question originally in this post.   

I have given my site address (now that I have done multiple things to try to make sure I have the required RSS capacity) to, a great aggregate of UU blogs.  If you are not familiar with that site, I highly recommend it.  You can go there to see who has posted what within the last 24 hours, few days, or weeks, etc. on their UU blogs. 

Edited to add: The helpful person running UUpdates also tells me that if you prefer to use your own RSS feed reader and don't want to have to also go to UUpdates, you can simply subscribe to the recent additions feed of UUpdates and get a list of newly added blogs that way.  Fantastic stuff!

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  1. In the video clip there is one part of the explanation which is technically incorrect. An RSS feed does not "reverse the arrow" in that the RSS feed does not initiate the conversation with the RSS readers. Rather the RSS feed just holds the information in a particular format for the readers to fetch. The key thing being that it still requires a reader or aggregator to actually perform the fetch. The difference in practical terms for the user is that the reader checks all your websites automatically so you do not have to. So there will always be some delay in the amount of time it takes from when a new item is posted to when it appears in the reader.

    Thanks for spreading the word about