Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opening Prayer

I begin this blog with a prayer.  It seems to be the only fitting way to begin.  Commitment to regular spiritual practice is a critical element of vital religious leadership.  Prayer is a spiritual practice in my own life.

Generally, my most regular prayer practice is to pray for people, especially for the people in my ministry. 

Spirit of Life and Love, known by more than a thousand names, one of which is God, may the people who read this blog be blessed.  May they be safe and loved.  May their religious leadership be true to your goodness. May mine as well. 

Also in my prayers especially today are S, M, L, J, G, B, C, A, C, S, T, J, H, S, K, L, S, C, H, K, J, K, D, L, J, M, A, E, N, T, V, L, C, W, D, P, S, N, S, S, J, T, A, D, K, N, D, H, S, C, S, C, S, W, S, S, D, K, L, S, T, W, D, A, E, V, D, M, A, and Y. 

For them and for all others, may there be healing, safety, peace, clarity, health, love, respite, joy, companionship, inspiration, sustenance, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and hope.  May they have what they need and serve through their gifts.  Amen.

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